Haulage & Logistics (Stock Delivery)

Haulage and Logistics (Stock Delivery)

We can offer the best haulage and Logistics deals for delivery of your goods (general cargo, raw materials, perishable goods, and valuable cargo that require escort) nationwide and even beyond. We not only deliver, but we also ensure that your goods are delivered to your desired locations in time and in good condition.

We provide a range of collection and delivery services throughout Nigeria. We have an experienced team who are dedicated to meeting all of our clients’ requirements, regardless of volume and time constraints.

To maintain a high-quality service, we have a wholly-owned fleet of vehicles all of which provide nationwide coverage, enabling us to provide clients with a dependable and cost-effective distribution service.

We can provide a full range of delivery options from a single pallet to a full load including 24 hours overnight. We have professional staff to ensure your goods or stock are delivered in good condition.